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The word 'Shiatsu' means "finger-pressure" in Japanese. Sharing its roots
with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Shiatsu is a powerful oriental
healing art, based on stimulating the flow of qi/ki/chi (life-force energy)
through the simplicity of touch. It is sometimes known as “acupuncture
without needles.

In contrast to a symptoms-based approach, Shiatsu emphasises a
reconnection and deepening awareness of the dynamic flux of all the
energetic qualities of the universe (Tao) to promote good health and vitality.

Shiatsu is considered an excellent tonic to maintain good health and can help
many stress related problems. By addressing energetic distortions or
imbalances, Shiatsu can assist in the prevention and treatment of many
illnesses including:
neck and back issues
migraine headaches
digestive disorders
flexibility issues
chronic fatigue

Shiatsu’s comforting and unconditional support is also beneficial for
dealing with emotional problems or difficult life transitions.

Shiatsu embraces various techniques including acupressure, massage,
stretches and rotations to smooth the flow of Ki and move the
body/mind/spirit towards a more harmonious state.

A Shiatsu treatment typically lasts around 75 minutes during which the client
wears loose-fitting garments and lays on a futon on the floor. Some aspects
of the treatment may cause a little short-lived discomfort or highlight tender
areas, often where energy is blocked, but an overall sense of wholeness
usually follows. After treatment, clients often feel both relaxed and
energised, with a sensation of having woken from restful sleep.

Traditional Floor Treatment:
60 minutes  $95
75 minutes  $120